1. Commercial Cleaning:

This service covers an array of duties from factory and warehouse cleaning to waste recycling and compacting services.

2. Industrial Deep Cleaning:

Most premises these days are monitored by landlords or customer audits, which dictates and in some cases stipulates the level of hygiene the premises must maintain. We can cater for all requirements you may need.

3. Daily Cleaning:

We provide a full range of daily cleaning services from Offices, factories to mobile cleaning of remote locations.

4. Office Cleaning:

All your office needs are considered and catered for from general office cleaning to Janitor services including services such as consumable supplies and dust mat provision.

5. End of Tenancy Cleaning:

We have more than a decade of experience handling end of tenancy cleaning jobs in Birmingham, West Midlands and throughout the whole Midlands area. All our work is guaranteed and all our workers are fully trained, fully-insured and carefully vetted. We are here to make sure your move-out cleaning adheres to the terms of your lease or rental agreement, ensuring that you will receive your full deposit back at the end of your tenancy. End of Tenancy Cleaning also provides you with related services, including: pre-tenancy cleaning, end of tenancy carpet cleaning, window cleaning, wall cleaning, deep cleaning, one-off cleaning and more.

6. Builders Cleans:

Birmingham Office Cleaner carries out builders cleans on a regular basis for some of our local building contractors. We take everything in to account and delivery exactly what is needed to get the job done. In most cases, our service is needed at the 11th hour. Not a problem! Just give as a call and let us show you that you made a good choice.

7. Sparkle Cleans:

As like Builders cleans, these are often required at the last moment of refurbishment prior to furniture moving in and accommodation. Never a problem, no matter how large or small the project is, we cater for all requirements and our team is ready for you.

8. Washroom Deep Cleans:

From time to time there comes a point where you and your cleaning staff need that extra bit of help in the washroom. Most washrooms are cleaned regularly, however, after a while lime scale builds up on pipes, Panels and tiles need cleaning. Well that's just what we do! We'll carry out a thorough clean of your washroom covering areas your cleaning staff can't reach on a daily basis or doesn't have the time to achieve.

9. Window Cleaning:

Our team of Window cleaners are located across the midlands and ready to pick up any location that you may need. Our methods vary depending on the task at hand. However, we cater for all sizes of buildings carrying out cleans with the use of the well known Reach and Wash System down to low level conversional scrim and blade cleaning with a trusty shammy. So whatever the need, give us a call.

10. Graffiti Removal:

Occasionally, you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of graffiti at your property or you may be a landlord that has several locations that are prone to this level of malitious damage. If found quick enough, graffiti removal as a quick and easy remedy. However, leave it and the result isn't as affective and in some cases needs painting over. So if you need a solution, contact us!

11. Facade Cleaning:

Although not a service that is often requested. If you’re a property landlord that is looking to lease or sell a property, then this is best service to freshen up your building and remove any build up of moss from nearby trees or foliage.|

12. Fire and Flood Restoration:

The thought of your property being damaged in such circumstances are always difficult and we respect that it’s never easy to deal with. We'll deal direct with your building insurers and look after everything for you and as sympathetically as possible. Had a fire, we will remove all damaged belongings, box up and remove smoke damaged items for cleaning then clean your property from top to bottom ready for redecoration. Once the property is ready, we will return with your cleaned belongings that were smoke damaged so it feels just like home. Had an unfortunate Flood, never fear. We're here to help. We'll attend your property, remove excess water, remove damaged property, such as carpets and flooring etc. and leave drying equipment, like de-humidifiers and air movers to start getting the property dry as soon as possible. We'll then return on regular intervals to assess the drying process to get you back to normality as quick as we can.

13. Feminine Hygiene Services:

We have partnership agreements with some of the country's largest feminine hygiene service providers. This gives us the opportunity in finding the best deal that meets your needs.

14. Consumable Supplies:

We offer a large range of products for your cleaning needs, we now offer a large range of environmentally friendly products to help compliment your environmental reduction targets. So whatever the need, and whatever the budget, give us a call!
For more information about how we can assist you with your requirements, feel free to contact us or complete our online request form and we will happily contact you.